Jeff Sherman

Jeff Sherman photo

Jeff Sherman

Landscape and Nature Photographer

While looking through the lens of his camera, Jeff views his subject(s) as individual creations, each telling a story at a given point in time. He attempts to develop an intimacy with his subject, be it a person, landscape, old car, or any subject. Jeff wants to project this intimacy to his viewers so they become emotionally involved with the subject. He prints his own images in order to create a mood that he wants to convey to the viewer.

Jeff uses various photographic programs on his computer to construct and enhance his images in order to show details that allow the image to come alive. Many of the techniques used on his photographs allow him to add more detail to the photographs by adjusting the highlights, midtones, and shadows. He prints his own work using an Epson professional printer, along with various fine art papers such as Hahnemuhle fine art metallic, Canson Plantine Fibre Rag, and Breathing Color canvas. Using various papers complements the look of his images. It can take hours creating and refining images so they reflect his artistic view, in hopes that the people who view his images get the same feeling and pleasure that he does from creating them. People have often asked Jeff if his photos are paintings or drawings.

Jeff’s education in photography comes from what he learned from his father, who was a professional photographer, and photographic printer, as well as being mentored by other photographers. He owned a studio, Photography by Jeff Sherman, specializing in weddings, bar mitzvahs – and portraits and commercial art. Jeff also owned and operated Sherman Color Labs, Inc., a full-service lab for professional photographers.