Noreen Jekel

Black-and-white photo of Noreen Jekel

Noreen Jekel

Acrylics, Watercolors, Pen & Ink

Noreen’s life has always revolved around Art and Design. She grew up in Thorpe Bay, Essex, and was educated in England. She attended an Art Foundation Course at Southend-on-Sea School of Art, then went on to gain her B.A. in 3-Dimensional Design, specializing in Interior Design in Leeds, Yorkshire, which was followed up by an Art Teacher’s Certificate.

Upon marrying her American husband, Ed, she moved to the U.S. to New Hartford, New York, and began her career in Commercial Interior Design and Space Planning, which spanned over three decades and included banks, offices, hospitals, restaurants, and the revival of an area landmark, the Hotel Utica. However, her most cherished design was The Red Lion British Pub and Restaurant, which she and her husband owned.

One of the reasons Noreen was drawn to New Bern is, of course, its vibrant art community, which has inspired her to return to her “first love,” art. Noreen works in many mediums, including acrylics, watercolor, and pen and ink. She also enjoys photography and jewelry making and is always looking for new creative challenges. Noreen also loves making jewelry using her special beach finds and taking photos of Nature’s beauty which surrounds us all. She often uses her photos as inspiration for her paintings which are typically colorful and detailed.

Noreen is a member of the Twin Rivers Art Association. Her creations can also be viewed on her website