Leslie Anthony

Leslie Anthony in front of her paintings

Leslie Anthony

Oil Painter

Leslie describes herself as an oil painter of living things, with the challenge of the human form included from time to time. Leslie’s art has evolved considerably over the last few years, from very controlled to a flowing loose stroke. She starts with an under painting of mostly transparent paints, allowing it to drip down the canvas to get an always unexpected texture before pursuing the main composition, thus allowing the background to impose on the main subject. This technique has evolved rather quickly for her and gives an individual quality to her work which she is very excited about.

She loves painting barnyard and wildlife, and especially horses and hounds — the form, expression, and action engages her. She uses photographs in interesting compositions on the canvas, intending that they are not static, but a part of the wholeness of themselves and nature. Her attention has been drawn over time to landscapes and flowers (ever so abstract), both of which she finds challenging subjects.

Leslie moved to New Bern July 2017 and immediately pursued the opportunity to become involved with her creative peers. She was featured artist in the Oriental Artists Gallery, Neuse River Artists Tour 2017. She also has shown in Bank of the Arts, and won a 3rd place award in Morehead Carolina Artists Gallery 2018, with shows in Washington, Great Falls, Leesburg, and Middleburg, VA; Oriental, Morehead City, and New Bern, NC. Leslie attended University of Maryland as an art major.